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うき-ドキ ~~!
Yay for the otakuness~!
I hate that Mordred virus. :( Crashed my computer for 5 months.

And now my one and only love is married to a trojan horse.

Ichijio Miyabi is the best guy ever.

I so love him to death now.

♥ ♥ ♥

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The twins? Are incredibly mean. GO TO HELL KTHX X3

Anyway... I GOT A NEW DATING SIM! Yay! I forgot what it was called - the Kanji had no furigana on top of them and I simply am too lazy to remember what they mean! =D But the cover had this really hot megane-type guy, so yeah (And another hot blonde one as well - I sure hope he isn't anything like that Tamaki idiot, though!), I'm excited to go moe all over a dating sim character again. It's fun, mou.

Basically, everyone (aside from me) over at ouranparody sucks. Hunny-senpai's so cute, though... but like I said, if it's cute both inside and outside, then the person is no different from a child. Not too appealing. Plus, Hikaru and Kaoru-san keep on calling me Otaku, which is getting annoying - I HAVE A NAME KTHX XP. A part of me wants to join Kyouya-sama in destroying their family fortune, but that's too... over the top (and not to mension the fact that I seriously doubt that the Hitachiin twins would inherit ANYTHING...)...

Mmm, I wonder what'd happen if I mess with people's minds a little...


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I'm only updating for the sake of doing so. XD

So, I was just peacefully (or as peaceful as I can be, I dunno) drawing my doujins, then BAM! I saw a HOTHOTHOT picture of Kyouya-sama and "Tono" over at ouranparody. OMGINSPIRATION. xD I got into an "argument" which later turned into a negotiation with imrichph34rme about the doujins and the authenticity of the hothothot picture. :D

xD So yeah.

SUPPORT ME! BUY THE DOUJINSHI OF KYOUYA AND TAMAKI~ (And help Kyouya get his 35% share! :P lolz)

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8D~: ...over here.
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Omg! Lolz! Look! A Livejournal! Wow! Yay!

Now I can spread my fangirlisms to the WHOLE WORLD!!!

Or maybe not.

But it's close.

So... yay?

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